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The ultimate secret of energy & fat loss?

Green Tea X50™is a 100% natural green tea concentrate that helps you burn fat, boost metabolic rate while increasing your energy levels.

Increase Energy Levels 

without harmful stimulants

Boost Metabolic Rate & 

helps you keep in shape

Burns Fat &

facilitates weight loss

Unique Packaging

Green Tea X50™ contains 30 of 3g oral powder practical sachets to be diluted in 600ml to 1L cold or room temperature water.  

Launch offer - 30% OFF

30 Sachets 132 AED

99 AED

This is perfect for people in Dubai

Green Tea X50™ has extremely powerful yet 100% natural ingredients that will help you smash the day without added sugars nor caffeine while boosting your metabolism.

Extensive range of flavours with no sugar nor aspartame

1 sachet contains 20 cups of green tea anti-oxydants

Its natural ingredients makes

 it suitable for everybody 

"I was really addicted to coffee, now when I am low on energy I know what to drink" 




"I use it as pre-work out. It's natural and has no weird chemicals "

"The taste is so good and it's a good way to stay hydrated all day".

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